Who we are, what we do and why we do it.

We are an international group of dedicated runners and Survivors from Emergency Services and the Military. During National Police week, we run a 3 day 150-mile relay style race from Philadelphia P.A. to the Washington D.C. National Police Memorial. We run to honor law enforcement officers that gave the ultimate sacrifice while protecting the communities they serve and to also honor their survivors.


This run was started in 1996 with 4 volunteer runners and two support vehicles. There were two officers from the Philadelphia Police department and two officers from the Delaware River Port Authority Police department. They started on this run during National police week as friends to honor the family members and survivors of officers killed in the line of duty.

Each year thereafter, they added new runners and key people to advance their mission. In 2016, 124 runners and support personnel from 5 states and Canada started out from the Philadelphia Naval yard.

Along the 150-mile route to the National Police Memorial they were joined by over 500 runners from various police academies and other emergency service agencies along the way. At various spots along the route we stopped to hold ceremonies to honor officers that gave the ultimate sacrifice in that area.

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